With almost five decades in relocation and move management, we’ve seen it all! Over the years, we’ve secured and work with world-class suppliers who deliver the high standards of service, cost, and flexibility you expect. We’re independent from parent companies and other organizations, allowing us to enlist the right suppliers, so that your relocating employees have the best experience possible. We’re NOT obligated to use specific suppliers – this freedom allows us to choose the best providers, in any field, worldwide.
Although there are many suppliers who deliver specific services as part of your relocation policy, the Passages Relocation Manager remains the sole source of accountability and responsibility to you for each and every supplier.
We support your relocating employees with the following services:

Guaranteed Home Sale

The Guaranteed Home Sale plan establishes a guaranteed offer price for the sale of the relocating employee’s home. This enables the relocating employee to purchase property at their new location with confidence, and it allows for equity advances that the relocating employee may require.
Passages manages this whole process for you from start to finish.

Marketing Assistance

The Marketing Assistance program is designed to achieve a timely sale of the relocating employee’s home with the help of a vetted and qualified real estate agent. If the employee has their own preferred agent, we are willing to work with them as well.

Property Valuation

Passages uses accredited appraisers along with the opinion of real estate professionals to establish an accurate market valuation for the home of a relocating employee. Passages then reviews all the information to make sure that nothing pertinent has been inadvertently excluded from the evaluation process.

Closing Services

Passages assists with the selection of an experienced relocation lawyer and payment of authorized expenses related to the sale of the relocating employee’s home in the old location or the purchase of one in the new location. Such expenses often include legal fees and disbursements, real estate commissions, mortgage admin fees, home appraisal, land transfer tax, land survey, title insurance, etc. This eliminates the burden on your relocating employees of having to coordinate these services on their own while their mind is already on settling into their new location, or to pay out of pocket for these expenses.

Move Management

Passages arranges for surveys of the household goods to be performed within the guidelines of our client’s policy. Passages Relocation Manager constantly monitors the performance of all the suppliers to ensure all commitments are kept so our client and their relocating employee always have one source of accountability. Due to our large volume of moves, Passages is able to negotiate greater discounts from our suppliers, which helps to reduce costs to you. This applies whether the move is within Canada, cross- border or around the world.
For almost 30 years Passages has re-envisioned what is entailed in a corporate household goods move, including its costs. Passages has always taken a unique approach to moving by offering move management services at no additional fee to you. We oversee all aspects of the household goods move and keep up to date information on hand so that you can be updated at any time on the status of your employee’s goods.
Move Management Services:
• Domestic moving in Canada
• Cross border moving between Canada and the USA
• Cost containment and volume discounts
• Moving within the USA
• Storage anywhere in the world
• International moving anywhere in the world
• Detailed audit services included with all moves
• Policy administration included with all moves

Lump Sum Program Management

The Lump Sum program assists our clients to develop the appropriate policy and establish an allowance for a relocating employee. The relocating employee still receives the advantage of the counseling and support they need to use their funds in the most efficient manner and in line with any non-taxable benefits.


Passages partners with the most skilled immigration companies on a global basis. These services can include everything from immigration advice, work permits, work authorizations, permanent residency and citizenship applications, and documentation oversight. We also advise you on immigration policy structure and support.


Passages partners with a global taxation consulting team. They will help with all the complex issues involved with international taxation issues.
Our services include:
● Corporate and personal Income tax Compliance
● Tax provision, planning , preparation and reports
● Statutory Accounting
● Indirect Tax Compliance
● Project Management and Coordination

Destination Services

Our trusted destination providers deliver services on the ground to support your relocating employees and their families get settled in their new location. You can select from any of the following: Area tours and look-see trips, home finding assistance, school search, settling-in services including but not limited to banking and credit set up, medical and health registrations, set up with doctors and dentists, government registrations including driver’s license exchange, etc.

Home Purchase Assistance

Passages works with the relocating employee to assess specific home needs in the new location. Then, we will assign a real estate professional, chosen from Passages’ nationwide network of qualified and licensed relocation brokers and agents, who are best suited to fulfill the employee’s housing needs. If the employee has their own agent, Passages is willing to work with their agent.

Rental Assistance

Passages believes that an employee who chooses not to purchase a home in the new location deserves the same level of service as those who are purchasing one. After all, finding an apartment in the right area can be just as difficult as finding a home to purchase. Passages can assign a rental professional to assist in locating suitable rental accommodations in a nice location.

Temporary Living Assistance

Sometimes your relocating employee needs to move to the new location prior to completing the sale of their home in the old location. In such cases, Passages can arrange for a corporate apartment or similar temporary residence that will best suit the relocating employee. Our program includes the processing and payment of all temporary living expenses, and we closely monitor these expenses in compliance with our client’s policies and procedures.

Area Counseling

Passages provides all relocating employees with answers to questions they may have about housing affordability, commute times, schools, cost-of- living, life styles, recreational activities, and any other subject related to living in the new location. Special needs or interests can be addressed to assist the family in assimilating into their new community.

Executive Counseling

This is a premium service that provides an extra level of personal attention customized to the needs of executives and their families. Special services may include: booking accommodations, providing transportation, setting up personalized shopping tours, finding recreational and cultural facilities, assisting with school selection, and other specific tasks as needed.

Mortgage Assistance

The sheer number of products to choose from in the mortgage arena can be overwhelming for most relocating employees. Passages has established relationships with a network of national lenders inclusive of North America’s largest banks, insurance firms, pension funds, private lenders and more. This network has earned preferred rates from most lenders.

Expense Management, Tracking and Reporting

Our Expense Management Program is performed in accordance with the most current tax and accounting regulations. Passages tracks and reports all of the employee’s relocation related expenses and generates the required individual tax information and schedules. Our clients can dictate the format and frequency of those reports as needed for financial and operational purposes.

Cultural Training

Cultural awareness training, also known as intercultural, cross-cultural and cultural competency training, gives learners the skills they need to understand, work and flourish in and with cultures other than their own. Passages provides this services to your employees on a global basis.